CFL Dual Spectrum
Dual Spectrum CFL’s are the latest in horticultural technology and true market leaders, with excellent build quality and guaranteed reliability. They have combined red and...
CFL Blue UltraVivid
Blue Spectrum CFL’s – available in 125W, 200W and 300W.
600w Sunmaster 10k
Product Information Sunmaster Finishing Lamps are 10K/600W grow lamps that can used in the final 10 days of flowering to increase oil production in susceptible...
600w Sunmaster Dual Spectrum
Product Information This Sunmaster 600W dual spectrum HPS grow lamp puts out both red spectrum and enough blue spectrum light to be used as a...
400w Sunmaster Dual Spectrum
Product Information This Sunmaster 400W dual spectrum HPS grow lamp has been designed to cater for all stages of the plant growth cycle. Unlike a...
250w Sunmaster Dual Spectrum
The Sunmaster 250W dual spectrum is a HPS grow lamp with a difference. Unlike regular HPS lamps that are designed to put out solely red...
Omega Super HPS 600w Bulb
Dense red spectrum promoting unrivalled yields and rapid growth, ideal for flowers. Viscous Lumen output and consistency. All Omega lighting bulbs carry CE mark and...
Omega Dual Spectrum 600w Bulb
Broader hitting spectrums are achieved by tweaking the PAR range suitable for plants from start to finish. Ideal for both flowers and vegetables. Added UV...
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