Made from galvanized steel, reducers are the perfect solution to reduce the size of your grow room intake and/or extraction. The size of your set...
Wall Flanges
Wall Flanges to connect ducting to the wall.
Jubilee Clips Packs 2
Available in a variety of sizes
DuctKing Aluminium Ducting
High quality, flexible, accordion pleated, airtight aluminium ducting that can be securely fitted, using either jubilee clips or fast clamps, to in-take and extraction fans,...
DuctKing Acoustic Ducting
Similar to standard aluminium ducting, this high quality, flexible Acoustic Ducting features an insulation lining between the inner and outer cores that dampens the air...
DuctKing Combi Ducting 5m / 10m
Combi Ducting, also known as Combined Flexible Ducting, is reinforced, yet flexible ducting that uses multi-ply aluminium with a strong steel wire internal frame, while...
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