ona Misting Dome
ONA Liquid Misting Dome is an odour neutralising diffuser unit with built in LED lighting. The Misting Dome creates a relaxing atmosphere filled with pleasant...
Ona Liquid
ONA Liquid is an odour neutraliser in liquid form, added to a sprayer or diluted in water and used as a wash. The components in...
Ona Gel
ONA Gel ONA Gel is a complex mix of essential odour neutralising oils, suspended in a polymer gel. The essential oils are organically sourced from plants throughout...
The Neutraliser Pro Kit
Why Choose The Neutralizer? All the current products in the market target odours on the way out of the room in the ducting or in...
The Neutraliser Compact Kit
The Neutraliser Compact Kit The Compact Kit is able to neutralise a space of 20m3, or 710ft3*. The oils also last for 6 weeks with...
The Neutraliser Replacement Cartridges
The Neutraliser Replacement Cartridges Neutralizer Replacement Cartridges:-Pro Kit Cartridge 100mlCompact Kit 40mlRoad Kit 20ml
The Neutraliser Road Kit
The Neutraliser Road Kit The Road Kit will effectively neutralise a standard size SUV or Sedan. With the addition of natural accelerants, activation time is...
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